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Service you can count on
– that’s the United Credo!

LOAD-LIFTUnited provides significantly greater flexibility than other installers because we have simple solutions for changing your work-settings. United provides you with immediate access to our trained installation professionals, the right equipment, and a relocation staff who are expert fine furniture handlers.

We maximize the use of existing inventory, minimizing reconfiguration down-time and deliver you significant cost savings. Because of our extensive “carpentry base”, we can easily rearrange or personalize your components to accommodate and solve workplace changes. Similarly, with our wood restoration/refinishing division, field cuts and on-site modifications are refinished quickly, with the same attention to detail that any furniture manufacturer would be pleased with.

We can help you transform your workspace, experiment with alternative office settings, and provide virtually unlimited adaptations, on panel based as well as free-standing systems. With United you can reconfigure your workplace quickly and easily to respond to new technology requirements, or the demands of today’s ever-changing office environments.

As your business, workplace and facilities change, United is your one constant source.