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Service you can count on
– that’s the United Credo!

nited is an industry leader in the installation, reconfiguration, and service of office systems and related furniture products for all business environments. Though our collaboration with leading manufactures, architects and designers, United has put together years of positive installation experience. Along the way we’ve earned a reputation for professionalism, innovative technical expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

TWO-GUYSOften we partner with leading manufactures to create efficient workstation installation techniques and packing procedures, shaving time and money off critical budgets. Our project management team compliments this effort enhancing the quality of service and insuring a positive final outcome. As we continue to introduce new services and noteworthy solutions, our customers are able to address specific planning requirements and stay well ahead of deadlines.

Whether your office plan calls for clustered or managerial workstations, private office case-goods, panel-based or freestanding systems, our staff can build out your space flawlessly, on time and on budget. A technology continues to transform the workplace, United is your one constant source.